How to avoid SPAM on your websites

I have a number of blogs, websites and forums and it is always a constant battle to keep the sites clean and free from spam. Below are ways I have found useful in this war against the SPAM bots out there.

WordPress sites
Wordpress is not too bad. As long as you activate the akismet plugin and ensure you manually approve comments you should be good to go. The below video shows more information and tips.

I have used captchas, human questions and also a simple image with a number on it in the past. Recently I have also started experimenting with the honeypot method which involves a hidden field on your form. The bots don’t realize it’s hidden so fill it in… voila.

You need to manually approve new users, check them out first. Most of the spam signups have weird names so are pretty easy to detect.

Oxwall Social Media
Make sure you don’t allow new users to signup and be able to post right away or you are asking for trouble. Make sure you need to approve users, and check them out carefully or they will ruin your site.

You can also use the .htaccess file on your apache webserver to block ip’s or even entire countrys from hitting your site.

Unfortunately the spammers have made automated signup nearly impossible. The key is to keep checking and making sure your site stays clean and tidy.

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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