Simple Proven Method To Increase Twitter Followers That You Can Begin Immediately

On October 18th 2014 I opened a twitter account for my website and the urge to see what I could do to increase twitter followers overtook me right at the beginning.

Today is December 28th 2014 and the twitter account just clicked over the 1000 mark in regards to followers!


I had never really used twitter before I started this site, so it was a learning experience and one that I want to share, so anyone can have a blueprint actionable path they can follow to do the same.

It was not hard to do, takes a few minutes every few days if you use this technique.

I learned the basics of this technique from the guys at however have simplified it to match my own situation.

1/ Set Up Your Account So You Can Increase Twitter Followers

The first thing to do is to set up your twitter account and you need to pay particular attention to your bio, your pictures and your twitter handle.

The bio I created for actually received comments from people saying how great it was, use this as a benchmark if you wish!

We live in a world of greed and consumption. Most use and devour without a thought of the consequences of our actions on the planet. Lets be better humans…


2/ Find Twitter Accounts Similar To Your Niche

The whole concept to this process is to find similar twitter accounts to your own niche, and then start following their followers.

To do this in practice is very easy, whether you are on your phone or a desktop you just find a popular twitter account, in the same niche or area as youself.

Then you click on their followers and one by one click follow but only do approximately 100 at one time.(if you do too many twitter will block your account but 100-150 a day seems to be the sweet spot)

It only takes a few minutes to do this.

3/ Unfollow Those That Do Not Follow You

Its fine to do the above step regarding following others for as long as you can, however once you end up following 2000 others, you get blocked and cant follow any more.

This actually happened to me and I was suddenly blocked from following anyone else.

Thankfully there is a service called Fortunately with justunfollow you can log in with your twitter account, it will figure out all your followers that are not following you and offer you an easy way to unfollow them.

I try to login to once a day, you can unfollow 100 of your oldest unfollowers, then they stop you from doing any more until 24 hours have passed.

Its very easy though, takes me maybe one minute to do this.

4/ Engaging With Your Followers

You will find yourself getting many new followers every day with this process.

The truth is that most of twitter account holders that follow you back will offer little, if any value, to you or your website.

There is however the occasional nugget of gold that will do wonders for you.

Sometimes you will follow a random person, and they will start retweeting and favoriting your tweets like crazy. This is great but don’t expect it all the time, it is rare but it does happen.

It’s not going to happen though if you are pushing some self promotional message that is only of value to yourself. If that is your game just give up now!

Just to prove to you the kind of activity you are going to have I have posted below a screenshot of Christmas eve, this was not even a particularly busy day but if you follow the method above this is what kind of thing you can expect.


Remember this method is not foolproof and you do need to have some kind of message, or value that you are offering to those following you.

Overall though if you are looking to increase your twitter following and have a bit of common sense, you can definitely rustle up the numbers of real, niche orientated followers in a very small time frame.

You need to do the work of course!

I hope you find value from this article, I share this so others may benefit from what I have done and if it has helped you please let me know by the way of a comment.

Good luck!

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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