BIDS Crashes When Opening Data Container – SQL Server

Recently I was trying to do some analysis on a SSIS package and although most of the data containers were ok, everytime I opened one that had a lookup control in it, I would experience BIDs crashes.

BIDS Crashes

I did some research and eventually came across this thread which recommended copying and pasting the container.

I tried doing this, thinking there is no way it’s going to be that simple.. but guess what.. it worked!

Not only could I then successfully enter the copied data container and view the data objects inside, but it fixed the original data container that had the problem.

So Why Am I Getting BIDs Crashes?

It appears that by copying and pasting the container, some corrupt metadata is corrected. It’s very annoying to have to do this though, of course.

I haven’t experienced this in later version of BIDS (Data tools), lets hope its been fixed once and for all.

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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