How to Backup Your WordPress site and Send to Dropbox

A great, easy to use, and free backup plugin is backwpup.

There is a saying I was taught as I learned the ropes of the IT world. It goes something like..

Too many backups are not enough

It is a saying I have endeavored to keep in mind, whenever faced with the responsibility of disaster recovery.

How to backup your wordpress site to dropbox automatically

Here is a quick list that you can follow, should you wish to back up your wordpress files, and database to the cloud. In this case we will us dropbox.

  • Create a basic free dropbox account
  • Login to WordPress | Add new plugins – install and activate the backwpup plugin
  • Click on BackWPup and choose add new job
  • Select the option to backup to Dropbox (under job destination)
  • backup your wordpress site

  • Link your dropbox account. To do this click on To: Dropbox and select the Get Dropbox app auth code button.
  • Login to dropbox and allow the application to use dropbox, copy the code that is given
  • allow drop box

  • Scheduling the backupsbackup schedule is straightforward, click onto edit job and select the schedule tab
  • Choose your options, daily, weekly etc and save
  • Under the BackWPup Dashboard you can manually run the job to test your setup!

If you have done everything correctly you should have now created an automatic file and database backup, that will send the backup files to your drop box account.

If the job has any issues you should get an email with any error messages.

To restore a backup from backwpup use this reference article.

Backups are so critical that it should be one of the first things on your to do list.

Something to remember is that backups that have not been tested, are almost worth nothing. If at all possible try to find a way to test your backups, that way when disaster strikes you will be in the best possible position to recover with minimal downtime, and data loss.

If you get stuck feel free to ask us a question, always happy to help!

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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