How Long Does it Take to Get Organic Google Traffic? – Case Study of 3 New Sites

Have you been struggling along with your new website wondering when Google is going to start giving you some love?

Well you are not alone, the same thing happens to pretty much every website owner.

Its very hard going starting new sites and very easy to become disillusioned.

These case studies involved natural website building, no PBN’s or linkbuilding done. Just content added on a regular basis ( approximately one 700-900 word article every 1-2 weeks).

Case Study 1 – Fashion Niche – First 8 months organic traffic – Site began July 12th -2014

organic traffic case study 1

Case Study 2 – Interesting humans Niche – First 8 months organic traffic – Site began July 6th 2014

case study 2

Case Study 3 – Earth friendly Niche – First 8 months organic traffic – Site began 28 September 2014

case study 3

What can we learn from these three organic google traffic case studies?

Our interpretation of this is that Google basically does not want to know about your new site until you have done your time, and that time seems to be around 6-7 months. After that the tap slowly begins to open and the rankings, along with corresponding traffic, begin to improve.

Of course there could be a number of factors that influence this theory, e.g an early link from an authoritative site may greatly speed up the process.

Competition is of course another major factor.

This is only anecdotal evidence as its very hard to do a scientific experiment on an algorithm that has hundreds (if not thousands) of variables.

Here are more case studies as published in the Search Engine Journal – this also noticed consistency across a number of niches but a couple of months quicker than what we have managed, perhaps answering the question “will more frequent posting get me there faster?”

That study was done more than a year before ours though – is it possible it now takes even longer to rank than it did then?

How is your site going and how long did you take to rank?

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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