How to Use MailChimp To Offer an Automatic Email Download Link

Recently I decided I wanted to offer a download on one of my websites, and to do that I wanted an automatic reply to be sent to the visitor, along with a link to download a PDF file.

The site I decided to do this on is earning little to no money, so it needed to be a free solution.

I have recently been using MailChimp for my lists, its free for basic usage and seems to be able to handle most mail related activities.

But can MailChimp do this? Well yes… but maybe not quite as you might be wanting.

Join me on this journey of discovery.

How To Automate An Email Download With Mail Chimp

What I ended up realizing, after doing a bit of research, is that it is possible but only as part of a welcome email for a sign up. Everyone that signs up on this list is going to get the same email.

As this works for what I was wanting I decided to do it anyway. If you had a list and wanted to segment it off and have different downloads for different groups from what I can make out, you would need to pay for the premium version.

Anyway I made it work and have outlined it here, so you can simply follow the steps one by one, and achieve the same outcome.

I used this article as a reference

  • Firstly you must be registered with MailChimp and have a list created for your website. If you don’t know how to do this check this out.
  • The next thing to do is to create a signup form, I chose embedded forms and created the below form (just login to your list and you will see the option to create forms)
  • .

Subscribe to our mailing list

* indicates required

  • The next step is to create the email they get sent in response, the “welcome email”. To create that email go into general forms and under general forms and responses choose the final welcome email.
  • Edit the subject line to something like “your free pdf download”
  • Click in the red rectangle at the top of the text to edit, and simply add your download link. There is a bunch of other formatting you can do as well, but we are just keeping it simple for now.
  • mail chimp download email

  • You need to tick the box at the top of the screen that says Send a Final Welcome Email.

mail chimp final welcome email

Now when someone subscribes they will firstly recieve a confirmation email, once they confirm they will be sent the welcome email, which has the download link.

Have you found another simple method for doing this? If so please share.

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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