SQL Server Exam 70-462 – Training Guides, Dumps and Resources

The premier certification for SQL Server professionals is undoubtly the MCSA and MCSE data platform qualifications.

One vital step on this path is the 70-462 exam.

In this article we will connect you to information about the exam, as well as the best resources we have found for studying for it.

Microsoft has done a pretty good job over the last 15 or so years to improve the exams. They are a lot more real world applicable than what they were in the past.

We will keep adding to this page as we come across more resources. Please help us by dropping links into the comments of useful 70-462 material. If it’s good enough we will definitely add it to the page.

Exam 70 462 Study Material/Books That Are Crucial To Passing The Exam

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Exam 70 462 Braindumps, Study Guides and Free Downloads

Kate and Emils Study Guide

Exam Prep: 70-462 – MCSA: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (Administering)

Exam 70 462 Sample Questions That Will Help You Pass The Real Thing

15 Free Sample Questions (Accelerated Ideas)
Elearning Exams – Sample Questions
Sample Questions – Exam Collections

The 70-462 Exam and Format of Exam So You Know Exactly What To Expect

As of February 2016 the exam includes questions for not only 2012, but for 2014 as well.

The exam is

  • Look for 40-60 questions in this exam
  • 1-4 hours to complete
  • 700 is the passing mark

Installing and configuring SQL

Learn the physical architecture of storage, e.g what files go where. Configuring tempdb.
Filegroups and what they can be used for. Understand the implications of partitioning.
Learn Filestream, File Table.
Be comfortable with using core.

TIP: Use the Microsoft Learning Center.

Benchmarking – the disk i/o subsystem. (SQLIO vs SQLIOSIM)
Installing SSIS, don’t worry about SSRS and SSAS as they are covered in other exams.
Learn how to enable and disable features.

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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  1. Thanks for the list, will work my way through the sample questions. Its a tough exam btw, I have already failed it once.

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