4 Undeniable Reasons Your Business Needs A Good Website (And it’s Not About Getting More Sales)

A professional looking website is essential for any business, whether or not you are selling online

It’s amazing how many small businesses don’t have a website. In fact studies have shown that as many as 60% of small businesses do not have an online presence at all.

Some business owners believe that because they already have enough work, they don’t need to have a website. The reality is that websites are far more than just a sales funnel, or an advertisement for your company or brand.

Here are 4 undeniable reasons your business needs a good website:

A Chance to Tell Your Story

Most businesses have a story to tell and more than likely so does yours. Businesses all have their own culture and personality.

By crafting the ultimate about us page on your site customers will be able to understand the core essence of your company.

Easy for Your Customers to Find You

These days time is everything. Noone wants to be fumbling around with a phone book, or trying to find a business card in their wallet. What they want is to open their smartphone, type in the name or type of business they are looking for and have it right at their fingertips.

Why make yourself difficult to find?

Showcase your work

Showcasing your work on your website can actually save you and your staff hours of time. If a potential client wants to get an idea of the kind of work you do, what better way to show them than via your website?

Expand your Audience Base

If you are wanting to grow your business there is no better way than having your own advertisement serving the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Getting Started

Having a professionally designed website can help to not only humanize your brand, but also save money and boost credibility.

The best idea is to find an outfit that can do the job for you and get things underway.

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Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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