How To Stay Motivated With Your Website or Blog (4 Simple Tips)

I just looked back to my first post on this website. It has been five years now and although I haven’t always been perfect, over time I have added a lot of content.

There are so many websites out there though that are like ghost towns. Some people really struggle to maintain consistency.

It can be hard work at times writing content but what I have tried to do with this site is to make it useful for myself firstly.

Image: Flickr
Image: Flickr

As I have moved from job to job there are scripts and things I have learned that I have added to this site. Now there are around 200 articles posted and it hasn’t really seemed like hard work at all.

1 – Stay motivated by adding content that is useful for you personally

Sometimes I come across a problem and something rings a bell. I do a search for it on my site and there is a little article in my own words that helps me remember quickly what I needed to do.

2 – Set yourself minimum goals

Try to do something every x amount of time. I try to at least write something once a month on most of my sites (I have several).

3 – Outsource

Some of my bigger websites generate enough income to allow me to pay writers.

Even before they got to that size though I used to pay writers to generate content for me.

I use iwriter which can be challenging at times (quality wise) and also upwork in order to find freelancers.

4 – Inspire yourself

Listen to podcasts from successful blog owners, visit their sites and learn from them. I personally have listened to 100’s of hours of podcasts all during my commute to and from work over the last few years.

The inspiration I have gleaned has helped me build my online platforms.

Nowadays my Favorite Podcasts are:

The Joe Rogan Experience
The Tim Ferris Show
SQL Server pain relief

If you have some favorite podcasts that you think I would like please let me know.

There is no quick recipe to building a successful website. It takes time and a lot of hard work.

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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