Best Method To Rename A SSIS Package

There are a few different ways you can rename a SSIS package. The best and recommended method is to do it through the proper tools.

The proper tools being SQL Data tools – or BIDs as it is also known.

How To Properly Rename a DTSX SSIS Package

  1. Open Bids/SQL DataTools
  2. New Project of type Integration Services Project
  3. In solution explorer right click on SSIS Packages and select Add Existing Package
  4. Locate the package you want to name change in the file system and add it
  5. Right click in Solution Explorer and rename in there
  6. Save it all and close out of BIDS accepting yes if it asks you if you want to change the package object

Although there are other methods that you can potentially rename it, i.e right click and rename, and editing the XML inside the pacage this is the recommended way and will solve issues down the track.

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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