How to Repost Old Content

Over time articles go stale, traffic declines and your site can be in danger of becoming like a ghost town. This article will explain why it can be a good idea to repost old content.

One of the reasons for this appears to be age. An educated guess would suggest that Google attempts to provide the most relevant, up to date content for its customers.

With that in mind, one way to satisfy Google and get extra traffic for your site is to repurpose old content.

The lowest hanging fruit is old articles that used to rank well and have dropped over time. There is a good chance that a refresh will bring them back to their rightful place.

repost old content
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How to Repost Old Content

Find an old article and…

  • Improve writing by fixing any obvious spelling or grammatical issues
  • Update anything with latest news, information
  • Check and update links if relevant
  • Check and improve headline
  • Use the readability and Yoast SEO plugin to improve text and SEO (Don’t forget to edit the meta description)
  • Update publish date (be careful doing this if using date type permalinks)
  • Remarket if relevant

That is it.

Although this is time-consuming it can be a lot more rewarding than trying to find fresh content to post on. If your site already has a decent amount of articles you can keep the site relevant and fresh in Googles eyes by revisiting your old content.

Another technique you can use is by examining your google search console and find old posts that used to rank but have declined. This could be related to freshness. Once you have identified them try to do everything you can to improve and the repost as above.

Don’t let your site become a ghost blog – keep it alive!

Rob StGeorge
Senior SQL Server Database Administrator residing in Auckland, NZ

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